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Digital marketing for hotels has drastically increased in terms of complexity. Nowadays, hotel managers not only need to manage rooms, service guests but now are also needed to compete for guests in new and distinctive channels and digital communities that born every day. So, hotel managers/owners are baffled to know effective ways of expanding their brand online while still having the time to efficiently run their business.

For most of them, the first choice has been the hiring of additional staff, but sadly this only works as a temporary solution. The reason behind its failure is that the demand for digital marketing is unlimited thus, the issue grows continuously.

The ideal solution for this complex problem is a sound digital marketing assistance through an experienced marketing firm that offers you an opportunity to provide consistent multi-channel experience to your guests and prepare yourself to meet future digital marketing demands. At Rockon I.T, we understand your business needs and this is why we offer trustworthy digital marketing services to turn your goals and objectives into reality.

We present here a quick checklist on five important items that you as a hotel manager/owner should consider when it comes to defining a digital marketing strategy for their hotels:

  • Website and booking engine of hotels are important

    – There is a chance that this is nothing new to you, but it is true that your hotel’s website is the best chance you have to engage and sell its services to your guests. On average, a guest spends approx. 5 to 6 minutes on a hotel website. This is an ample amount of time to engage your future guests with attractive pictures, easy to read and understand room descriptions, and interesting offers that can inspire their decision to book simple and predictable. One additional vital item is to showcase what guests will experience when they visit your destination. You have to ensure that a video is in place as part of your web strategy.
  • More than 50% of consumers are social travelers

    - According to recent research, over 50% of guests use different social networking platforms for searching, shopping and buying process. Thus, it is critical to handle hotel ratings, have a professional-looking presence on social websites. Apart from this, to use a social network for amplifying your message, you have to ensure that all the good experiences your guests write about are properly shared on the various digital communities. And don’t forget emails, as they are still the most widely used mechanism to share important information with guests.
  • Optimized content is demanded by mobile consumers

    - Mobile traffic is one of the fastest growing categories in digital marketing, and with no surprise, it is also in travel. More than 40% of all hotel searches are executed on mobile devices in search for hotel’s address, phone number, room booking, etc. Therefore, it is essential to keep these tasks fully optimized for the mobile users. While success can be attained by using mobile as a stand-alone media, it also offers biggest rewards when used as an integrated and multi-channel engagement platform. If you want to release consistent messages of relevant offers across the web, social and mobile, then you truly need multi-channel digital marketing.
  • Expand online distribution channels

    - Recent studies show that hotel booking websites are driving 30% of all hotel online bookings globally. This is clearly a threat to hotels because through this they become more dependent on (and thus vulnerable to) a single channel with the demand of higher commissions based upon results. Therefore, it is highly crucial to diversify your channels.
  • Establish marketing campaigns

    - Digital marketing is a new discipline that must be embraced by you. Through us, you can start marketing campaigns, follow-up and reap the rewards of enhanced marketing exposure, which means increased bookings.

All in all, our digital marketing strategy will offer a consistent multi-channel experience to your guests. But no matter what type of digital strategy you opt for, the core of your strategy should represent a digital marketing architecture that prepares your hotel for future digital marketing demands.

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