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Why To Choose Inbound Marketing Over Traditional Marketing
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Why to Choose Inbound Marketing over Traditional Marketing

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Mar 18, 2017

Inbound Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

As technology continues to boom, consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated.

This is why Digital Marketing Services providers need to cultivate a new and effective way to reach out these new types of scenarios.

Long gone those days, when a long radio or newspaper ad can influence someone to avail your service or buy your product. There is so much information floating around that even average consumers have learned how to distinct the “hype-y” from the “helpful”.

This is another reason why it is necessary to enhance, or in some cases, change – the age-old method of product or service promotion.

In accordance with the studies directed by different digital marketing experts, Inbound Marketing is rapidly becoming the ideal strategy for attracting leads and transforming prospects into actual clients.

So what is inbound marketing?

What are the reasons that separate it from the traditional marketing?

Lastly, what experts have to say about inbound marketing and traditional marketing?

Let us show you.


Inbound vs Traditional Marketing


Moving on, Inbound Marketing aims at four different marketing actions that tend to work as a team:-


We don't attract just any visitor to your website. We keep our focus on only those people who are most likely to act as your leads and customers of your business. By recognizing who your "ideal" customers really are, we develop the right type of content and share it online to attract similar prospects to your website. There are different inbound tools used for alluring the right visitors, including Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Social Media, and Optimized Webpage Content.


A conversion happens when a website visitor offers his/her email address (and other requested information) to a Digital Marketing Agency in return for something valuable to him/her like whitepapers, eBooks, a webinar invitation, consultation offer or a free quote. The inbound tools that are used to convert visitors into leads include Landing Pages, Calls-to-Action, Forms, and the Contacts Database.


Converting leads into customers is done through a process known as “Lead Nurturing”.First, all leads are divided based on their respective interests and where they belong in the purchasing cycle. Second, the right content is offered to them at the ideal time in order to make them move along towards their buying decision. Leads are numerically counted to know when they are ready for follow-up by the sales team.

The inbound tools that help close the leads into customers include, Lead Scoring, static and smart Contact Lists, Workflows, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing emails, and integrating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with your website portal.


Delight customers by converting them into your brand promoters and creating a constant relationship with them which will result in repeat business. Inbound tools that help transform customers into the promoters of your brand include - Surveys, smart Call-to-Action, Social Media monitoring, smart Text Emails, and Workflows.

Let’s see the difference by the numbers

An average person receives more than 2,500 ad messages every day. Therefore, reducing your chances of getting your product or service noticed.

32% of brands have recognized the importance of content marketing. Thus, spending more on it and less on outbound marketing.

When it comes to B2B purchases, 89% of them use search engine queries to take their research purchase decisions.

When collecting a company’s information, over 75% of business decision-makers have chosen educational articles than TV ads.

61% of customers follow those companies that provide personalized content.

86% of people tend to skip through TV commercials.

Nearly 75% of worldwide marketers chosen inbound marketing to inform customers.

Inbound has a 75% chance of being the top marketing approach of choice, whereas, outbound has only 25% chance.

Inbound leads cost 60% less as compared to outbound leads.

All in all, we at Rockon I.T believe that Inbound Marketing can be an effective strategy for any type of business available in any market. Get in touch to learn more about our services like SEO, PPC, SMM, ORM, etc.


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