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Grow Your Law Firm With Real SEO Services For Attorneys
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Grow Your Law Firm with Real SEO Services for Attorneys

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Dec 29, 2016

seo services for attorneys

We completely understand what it feels like. You feel the need to take your firm to another level, and you have gone through hoops the way you have been told to enable your website to make it to the top of the search results.

You have consulted with the so-called “SEO gurus”, and there is a strong chance that you might have spent a hefty amount on a “professional SEO company” that promised you quick results.

But when take a closer look at the search results and find out that how good the competition is doing, all you can do is ask yourself that why it is not happening for you.

We get it.

At Rockon I.T, we know what it feels like to acknowledge the fact that how much better you could be doing with the help of little more resources, knowledge, and more time.

Well, this is where we step in and offer you the game plan which you actually need to succeed.

The thing which makes us stand out from the crowd is that we can promise and deliver the best SEO services for attorneys. We believe that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to implementing what actually moves the needle with SEO for both big and small law firms.

Regardless of your next action, you’ll be left with this blog post which includes some smart and actionable ideas that you can use for the growth of your business.

The Eye-Opening Truth about SEO for Law Firms

Unlike attorneys who attend law school and doctors who go to medical school, SEO experts just have to build a website and act as SEO experts. So, how one can possibly differentiate between the professionals and the phonies? Unfortunately, there are a plethora of unprofessional SEO experts, who claim to specialize in legal marketing.

They are following any one or all of these mentioned things:

  • Total violation of search marketing guidelines.

  • The usage of outdated tactics.

  • Usage of same SEO plan for every client, regardless of the clients’ needs.

  • Outsourcing of all their SEO services right from strategy to execution.

  • Cashing your checks without producing any solid results.

Every now and then, we hear a different “SEO expert” sad story from a client. And we completely understand why.

We have always played out in the open, and we still choose to continue on the same path without keeping our clients in dark about anything. SEO is hard. Every step of it is hard.

  • Staying on the top position of search results according to the Google’s algorithm changes.

  • Analyzing results and outcomes accurately.

  • Building comprehensive and manageable SEO strategies.

  • Understanding latest SEO technologies.

  • Staying ahead of the competition by creating better plans.

  • Actually executing and following those plans.

In addition to this, SEO is time-consuming and there’s no playbook. There are only hard work and smart analysis combined with sensible innovation. That’s what we have learned and that’s what we offer to our clients as a professional SEO company.

The Solution for the Lawyer SEO

Rockon I.T is a dedicated part of that community, where good processes and systems are highly valued. In last several years working in SEO, we have learned that there is a creative, unquantifiable element to search engine success.

We have dedicated ourselves to finding an effective SEO methodology for attorneys that are capable of producing predictable results. We’ve found that the solution which works continuously despite the changes to the Google algorithm and other evolutions in Digital Marketing – is a perfect blend of Art and Science.

We provide our clients with time-tested strategies and logical solutions. But at the same time, we constantly keep innovating, experimenting, and creating solutions according to the specific needs of our clients, with the hope of changing the SEO landscape.

Even though we have our system in place, we aren’t just assembling strategies together here at Rockon I.T. We are thoroughly and thoughtfully optimizing websites. With Google introducing more than 140 changes to their algorithm per year, new technology coming out, and each client having different SEO requirements, a better analogy would be that we’re making hotdogs where the bread, cheese, and mustard are all alive and running wild.

As crazy as this sounds, we have successfully created a great process for making these types of hotdogs. And we assure you that they taste awesome.

How much Time does this take?

Developing a well-optimized website and establishing your law firm from the ground can take time. It really depends on the authority of your existing web presence and the time period for which you’ve been online.

Using the best SEO services for attorneys, it generally takes about 7-8 months for a brand new law firm website to generate results in Google. Whereas, established websites can take 4-5 months to generate results, which again depends on the tactics used by your previous SEO company and how aggressive and thorough your campaign was.

How much does this Cost?

When it comes to cost, it is one of the many ways in which we are different from the rest. We have served numerous law firms of different sizes, and we will also work with you to build a strategy which falls under your budget and requirements.

Learn more about the Art & Science of Law Firm Marketing. Join Hands with us.

Here is what we can guarantee:

  • Analyzing your law firm, learn about your SEO needs, and see what differentiates you from the competition.

  • Taking proven and sound actions to ensure that your website is well-optimized and your law firm becomes more successful.

  • Monitoring our success and constantly share our concrete results with you.

  • Keeping ourselves passionate about our SEO system and innovation, which we have developed especially for law firms.

  • We will be honest and upfront about our services and prices, and also keep our promises.

Helping you find the right solution for your SEO issues. Stop worrying and start demanding real results.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.


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