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Does Your E-commerce Website Need An Admin Interface? Let’s Find Out!
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Does Your E-commerce Website Need an Admin Interface? Let’s Find Out!

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Mar 28, 2019

e-commerce web development

E-commerce websites and apps are getting famous among shopaholics and fashionistas as they think likely to purchase products of their choice and flaunt their lifestyle. The cutting-edge touch of digitalization and innovative technologies have turned the traditional brick and mortar business landscape into a highly dynamic e-commerce arena, irrespective of the place and time. That has completely changed the way of doing business and also the trends in the customer journey, from hitting shopping malls to clicking on the trustworthy e-commerce portals. Businesses consequently are implementing variously improved advancements in their e-commerce web development to enhance the User Experience (UX) and User-interface (UI). And, one of such elements is “Admin Panel or Admin Interface.”

What’s Admin Panel?

Admin panel is a web-based tool that enables its users to manage various aspects of their online webshop and configure users and settings, including analytics, product listings, etc. It also allows you to grasp a profound perception of the behavior of your customers and continually observe the performance of your store by displaying the most valuable metrics.

Benefits of Using an Admin Panel:

Here are the top eight advantages of integrating an admin panel to your e-commerce website.

Ease-to-Use: An admin panel provides you with direct control over your entire e-commerce store at one single place. It enables you to manipulate and edit content on your website without actually learning the complexities of backend development, HTML, and any other technology. You will have a deep insight into your users’ needs and the record of their activities and personal information.

CRUD Operations: By using the interface, you can create product catalogs, add new items, edit and update existing data, and also set different security permissions. Due to its straightforward layout and clean navigation, anyone can directly perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations on the database, blogs, custom objects, products, and other sections. Just by logging into the admin account, you can manage and update your e-commerce website, merely with a few clicks -  from adding images, videos, and audios to scheduling posts and events.

Multiple Admins: This interactive tool empowers you to assign different roles (for necessary access) to your associates so they can perform a multitude of tasks, which include adding content, editing pages, checking browsing stats, sending notifications, etc.

Analytics and Reports: An admin interface lets you sequentially organize as well as categorize data and accumulate significant information, either relying on its own processing capabilities or using a native third-party integration. Doing so allows you to measure your e-commerce store’s performance and health and even show the metrics visually, ensuring that all of the operations are running smoothly. It will also help you observe sales trends and distinguish potential customers from loads of traffic.

Amazing Searching and Filtration Capabilities: A full-fledged, complex e-commerce website comprises a handful of pages, not only a single page. Searching a specific value within a forest of data takes a consistent amount of time, not to mention, one would need to look through multiple collections and tables. Admin panel is an excellent mechanism that allows you to search for all the information specific to that particular parameter easily and quickly. It also comes with an improved functional search button and filters for querying, filtering, and sorting the content so admins can shortlist products and entities on which they need to take action.

Easy to Change Design: Another great benefit of using an admin interface is that you can magnificently revamp the design of your site and alter pages without disrupting the content. It’s entirely possible to have different templates or themes for different sections of your website, such as landing page, news or blog page, etc.

Third-party Integrations: The best admin panel has the availability of widgets and plugins and also offers an extensive list of native integrations for an e-commerce website. These can extend the functionalities with POS and inventory management software, BI solutions, monitoring and collaboration tools, advanced reporting, CRM tools, automated scheduling, and business e-commerce apps.

Chat Support: Given that adequate customer support drives repeat purchases and brand loyalty; it is safe to assume that one should choose an admin interface that comes with chat capability. Just on the off chance that there’s no integrated chat feature within your panel, make sure that it features add-ons for adding a reliable chat tool such as Slack and Campfire to your e-commerce store, so you can be there for your customers at any moment and also improve their onboarding experience with excellent services.

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