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Are Digital Marketing Services Worthy For Hospitality Industry? Let’s Find Out
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Are Digital Marketing Services Worthy for Hospitality Industry? Let’s Find Out

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Feb 21, 2017

Digital marketing Services for Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry needs to get ready for the future digital marketing trends in order to stay relevant and a strong contender within the digital marketing world. This past year, it has been seen that there were a plethora of changes in the online marketing landscape. It is also noticed that the digital marketing is quickly growing and changing along with the expansion of the mobile technology.

Let’s take a look at some of the most vital hospitality digital marketing services and activities.

  • Stay with Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing which is also abbreviated as SMM is a perfect way to spread awareness and create customer relationships as well as retention. Google has always supported those social media accounts that frequently post and interact on several channels. Almost everyone uses social media websites that include Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In order to allure the traffic to your website, the social platform should be stimulating, the frequency of posting is crucial, the superiority of the posts is even more vital, develop connections, and encourage conversion. Also, ensure that your site is fully optimized for mobile as well as for sharing across devices.

  • Significance of Responsive Sites for Hotels

These days mobile search is known as the star trend of digital marketing services for hotels. The count of mobile users is huge - 4 out of 6 people use different mobile devices on daily basis. And Google has been rolling out a new ranking factor for mobile-friendly sites. It is important that the website of your hotel is well-optimized for mobile search and also be responsive on all mobile devices.

  • Content – The King

When it comes to content marketing, it initiates with knowing your audience and the customer journey. Content should be engaging, inspiring, and interesting enough to enhance the user experience. Around 30% to 40% of a hotel’s revenue is derived from the organic traffic, which is why having a proven content strategy that goes beyond typical ‘hotel information’ is highly valuable. So, whether it’s a content piece about recent events or a ground-breaking social presence, it is the right time now to get imaginative.

  • Video Marketing

Online videos are performing well by engaging the audiences with ads, content, and brands, and a number of businesses and enterprises have already started to take its advantage. Videos are rapidly becoming one of the many new ways for people to spread awareness of the brands. Videos are definitely taking over, with auto-play clips on Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere, more and more channels will be there to promote your hospitality business videos.

  • Attractive Restaurant Business Local Presence

When it comes to digital marketing services for restaurants, the local presence of your business website offers a huge positive impact on your business. The key things are to create optimized content, generate local profiles, and directory listing. Make sure that your restaurant’s marketing strategy include the optimization of your content with title tags, headers, footers with location-based schemes, metadata, and image alt-tags which will help strengthen the local presence.

  • Increasing Your Paid Search Presence

One of the most considerable points for the growth of a hospitality business is focusing more on paid search. It is a system that helps publicize your brand to other sponsors or partner groups through Google Adwords, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Therefore, it is effective to gain more attention from customers who are searching for restaurants or hotels.

If you wish to grow your business visibility and increase your revenue, then this can be achieved by conducting a targeted hospitality digital marketing services.


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