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Brands Need To Target And Engage A Different Breed “The Gen Z!” But Why & How? (Part 2 Of 2)
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Brands Need to Target and Engage a Different Breed “The Gen Z!” But Why & How? (Part 2 of 2)

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Sep 03, 2018

Brands Need to Target and Engage a Different Breed “The Gen Z!” But Why & How? (Part 2 of 2)

In the first part of this blog post, we explained a fundamental difference between Gen Z and other generations as well as also stated the fact that this young audience is the early adopter of technology. They are 2.5 times more likely to try out the latest innovative devices than any of other generations. Now, we are back with more detailed information to elucidate all the social media marketing rules that will help retailers gain Gen Z attention and build brand credibility.

According to a report conducted by Forrester Research, nearly 74 percent of 12-to-17-year-olds use various social media platforms to muse over brands, products, and services with their friends as well as yield and receive personal recommendations. There’s no denying that post-millennials would like brands to link up with themselves through online channels. However, this doesn’t entirely necessitate that businesses should perpetually bombard iGeneration consumers on social media platforms. The reason being that not all youngsters look forward to communicating with the brands. In reality, only 6 percent of them (with web-enabled devices) intend to be acquaintances with a brand on Facebook.

So, what systematic, holistic approach brands must acquire to deal with this situation? Well, these findings call for some nuanced and generous strategies to help businesses engage with Gen Z after a thorough understanding of their needs and requirements.

1) Keep up with the Newest Technology Trends

The first thing brands need to understand is that technology is like a fuel tank of post-Millennial culture since they are always on their toes to embrace as well as upgrade the knowledge about emerging digital, social, and mobile technology. The realization of this fact incontrovertibly plants within entrepreneurs a great sense of accountability that compels them to develop advanced social and mobile tools, thereby satisfying Gen Z’s expanding requirements and delivering a new level of brand experience.

Regardless of what product or service you’ve up your sleeve, your brand must focus on content excellence to convey your company’s core brand idea and target consumers through all channels. These verdicts will make it easy for businesses to understand the intricate consumer, digital, and purchasing behavior of post-millennials as well as stay abreast of what’s contemporary in both the technology world and Gen Z culture.

2) Develop a Scrupulous Participation and Listening Strategy

Rather than treating the young consumers as a one-off, companies should concentrate on giving them a voice to share their candid opinions and opportunity to partake in the product offerings more often. Brands need to move beyond the old, closed-door process of marketing toward long-lasting relationships methodology. To do this, you will need to build a comprehensive listening & engagement strategy and employ all the features of the participation economy stratagem.

Forrester’s study also demonstrates that 16 percent of Gen Z shoppers expect brands to use various social media networks to interact with them while 28 percent expect those companies to take notice of their opinions and requirements, and then get back to them. In addition to that, if there are some particular brands that Gen Z keens on, they are willing to take E-surveys or even rally round in a focus group to assist them. That’s why companies must seize every bit of opportunity to listen to their consumers, engage Gen Zers on multiple stages through a well-rounded strategy, and create an influential force of eager young brand advocates.

3) Make Gen Zers look good amongst their friends

Gen Z is super receptive to brands across categories and profoundly influenced by their social circles and peers. Top brand activities by Gen Z are:

  • Viewing brand pictures (44%)
  • Sharing/Liking brand content (42%)
  • Reading product reviews (40%)
  • Inviting friends to like a brand page (30%)
  • Tagging friends in brand content (25% )

As a result, they are turning to the firsthand advice and response from their bigger social networks for suggestions and assistance on products and brands in making major purchase decisions. Gen Z wants to look good among their friend groups and cares about their assessments, which’s why they are capitalizing on celebs’ and influencers’ knowledge and tapping into their methodical insights. So, how this candidness to nontraditional sources of expert information and support will help businesses marketing to Gen Z on social media networks?

Companies should aim at the peer influence factor and use both Social Media Influencers (SMIs) and brand advocates, such as regulars or VIPs, to promote their products and increase sales volume through tweets, user reviews, blogs, etc.

4) Design a Sagacity of fun and Adventure

Gen Z is more valuable to social media marketing agencies compared to any other generation, because of their rapidly intensifying buying power. From traveling all around the globe to trying the latest video game, iGeneration defines fun in a variety of forms and finds adventure in different ways. The sooner established brands will start understanding the needs of Gen Zers and building strong ties with them, the better they will be able to target the lion’s share of the post-millennials audience and increase their brand’s appeal.

5) Don’t give Gen Z any Reason to Cheat on your Brand

Winning the trust and loyalty of Gen Zers can be difficult, if not impossible, for most brands out there. Both price and quality are the two most essential factors that amount to Gen Zers’ purchase decisions. While 43 percent of Gen Zers prefer to spend dollars on the brands they have been using most of their life, 57 percent are more than willing to switch brands instantly in favor of good deals and high-quality.

Due to the economic downturn, Gen Z buyers can easily be convinced to be loyal to a brand by providing them with a range of money-saving opportunities. Not to mention, around 62 percent of them purchased products and services from non-favorite businesses to take advantage of an ongoing promotion or sale, even if it’s a cents-off offer. Brands will have to push their limits and be more creative when dealing with this young generation. All these discoveries highlight the mandatory necessity for companies to put emphasize on value.

Offering some thoughtful incentives to Gen Z users in trade for sharing their personal information with your business can surely win you easy brownie points and loyalty. In addition to rewarding them for their support, brands can engage Gen Zers in the following helpful and friendly manner:

  • Create fun retail and brand experience that they rummage around for and regard highly.
  • Replace your traditional cash registers and checkout counters with modern technology solutions and self-checkout options to make checkout an easy-peasy process.
  • Offer exclusive deals, promotions, and discounts on products/services via your brand’s social media channels.
  • Go the extra mile to provide top-notch and efficient customer service to Gen Z. By doing so, marketers can reap huge rewards when happy Gen Z consumers share one of these unique and memorable service experiences with their friend circles on social media platforms.
  • Standout among your toughest competitors by being the first one to interact with iGeneration and follow up on their insights and feedback.

Final Verdict

Brands that show Gen Zers how much they value their fundamental requirements and concerns can easily win over this bighearted generation as well as increase their business’ success rate by leaps and bounds.

These guidelines will set any brand out there on the track for prosperous execution of a more successful business that will not only sustain salubrious links to its current clientele but also allow to engage the future generation (Gen Z) that no venture can afford to ignore.

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