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Battle Of The Giants: Laravel Vs. Yii PHP Framework – Who Is The Winner? (Part 2 Of 2)
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Battle of The Giants: Laravel vs. Yii PHP Framework – Who is the Winner? (Part 2 of 2)

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Jul 19, 2018

Laravel vs. Yii – Introduction, Difference, and Comparison

In our previous blog post, we provided a brief introduction of the two most popular frameworks “Laravel and Yii.” You can read part one of this blog here. As promised, we are back with some interesting facts that will help you find which framework is the best fit for your business. So without further ado, let’s compare both these PHP platforms and pick out a winner.


Both laravel and Yii are well-equipped with an array of top-notch extensions as well as are designed in Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. However, if we compare the total number of extensions offered by these frameworks, then laravel has the upper hand with more than 9000 extensions, whereas Yii comprises 2800 extensions.

As far as compatibility is concerned, laravel is again at the forefront compared to Yii. Both frameworks are compatible with PHP 5.4 or higher versions, but laravel is the only one that goes well together with MCrypt and JSON extensions. The high number of extension bundles and compatibility results increases the scope of laravel.


Both Yii and laravel allow programmers to work with various relational databases. Laravel framework currently supports MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and SQL Server. Yii supports for both non-relational and relational databases, including MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, ORACLE, and CUBRID.

Laravel, unlike Yii, comes with a built-in Object Relational Mapping (ORM) system that empowers developers to conduct several database operations without the need of writing long SQL queries. On the other hand, Yii enables them to simplify the database operations using popular ORM systems. By opting for laravel development services, developers can build RESTful APIs as well as improve routing, caching, and registration.

Templating Engine

With the help of a templating engine, programmers can improve the functionality of sites and apps. Laravel has a light-weight and remarkable templating engine ‘Blade’ that allows developers to perform repeatable tasks and write any code in the view.

This engine simplifies PHP scripts and helps in passing additional data to components using directives. Additionally, it helps in designing creative and impressive layouts with minimum efforts and resources, thereby streamlining the web development process. Conversely, Yii does not offer a particular templating engine. Developers can download any third-party engine as per their preferences.

Form Validation

Yii and laravel, like other frameworks, also encompass form validation, but the implementation process is different from each other. In this aspect, laravel is way ahead of Yii with a form validator. To be precise, this validator is a supporting class that helps in validating a database anywhere and anytime.

Not only can developers use form validation without considering the place and time, but also can extend laravel’s eloquent ORM for unification as per their requirements. However, the validation process is entirely different in Yii than laravel. In this, the form validation is coupled to the model or class. Programmers do have the privilege to set all the rules, and then store them in the form or model accordingly. To modify the existing model data, however, they need to use the validation scripts, thereby making it a time-consuming process.

Learning Curve

If you are planning to switch from your current framework to Yii or laravel, of course, a learning curve will be there for you. Yii is a high performing framework which makes it an ideal choice to develop e-commerce websites and mobile apps. But, unlike laravel, Yii has a small footprint and sometimes can be impregnable. On the other hand, laravel offers a spectrum of latest tools, generic components, and other benefits. Hence, beginners need to put extra efforts to mug up various aspects of laravel.

Final Verdict

Both laravel and Yii frameworks are outstanding options, and just to let you know, they are equally secure. They have their own unique development process, inbuilt values, positives and negatives, and characteristics. In the end, it all comes down to a programmer’s personal preference to pick one out of these two.

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