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6 Drip Campaigns Businesses Must Incorporate Into Their Email Marketing Strategy (Part 2 Of 2)
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6 Drip Campaigns Businesses Must Incorporate into their Email Marketing Strategy (Part 2 of 2)

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Sep 27, 2018

6 Drip Campaigns Businesses Must Incorporate into their Email Marketing Strategy (Part 2 of 2)

In the first part of this blog, we explained that how you can use automated drip marketing to engage new customers, boost click-through rate, as well as nurture your sales leads. We also elucidated three types of campaigns, including welcome, onboarding, and awareness & educational drip to give your digital marketing journey a much-needed boost. As promised, we are back with a few more email marketing drips to help you close deals with new prospects as well as increase sales margin. So without further ado, let us get straight to business!

4) Transactional Drips

Also known as relationship emails, these targeted and action-oriented drips play an essential role in boosting a business’s overall marketing ROI. There’s no denying that reminders, notifications, or alerts are an excellent approach to reignite interest and user engagement. Slightly different from general marketing content in nature, transactional emails are utilized to deliver messages that keep up-to-date a user about an ongoing deal or facilitate an already agreed-upon transaction. When recipients make a payment, they anticipate a confirmation email regarding the completion of the transaction or process that they have started with your brand or company. The most common example is online shopping, wherein after purchasing a product the user receives an email receipt comprising details about the item, price, and shipment.

As a marketer if you are ignoring transactional emails, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to generate sales and revenue for your business. Since confirmation messages contain mission-critical content, they are the most highly engaged emails out of the entire nurture sequence. In verity, these emails have eight times more Click-to-Open-Rate (CTOR) than traditional marketing emails as well as can generate about six times more revenue, according to ‘The Transactional Email Report’ by Experian.

5) Cart Abandonment Drips

According to Barilliance, the average cart abandonment rate for 2017 was 78.65 percent. In other words, three out of every four shoppers ditched their carts without making a purchase, despite having reached the final stage of the process. In marketing terminologies, it’s known as ‘cart abandonment,’ and this is where the cart abandonment drip comes in handy, allowing marketers to re-engage those lost sales and lead them back to the “purchase” button. Cart abandonment drip campaigns are remarkably successful as a conversion rate optimization and sales recovery tactic. According to SaleCycle, around half of all abandoned cart emails are opened and over an eighth of these emails are clicked. These behavior-based drips are sent to shoppers, who added items to their carts but didn’t check out, reminding them about their cart products and prompting them to complete their purchase. Here are some tips to write productive recovery emails with a focus on customer service:

a) Include your toll-free number conspicuously within the email so shoppers can contact you.

b) Add action items such as payment options, guest checkout option, and a checkbox for email signups.

c) Keep your content user-friendly, helpful, and informative.

d) Send the email from a monitored, live inbox and ask your users for their feedback.

e) Make sure to deliver the first email within an hour after abandonment, all while addressing the technical barriers.

f) Send the second email within 24 hours with a cart expiry timer.

g) Include the photos of the products abandoned in the shopping cart as a reminder.

h) Integrate a link to the cart item so the shopper can head straight to checkout.

6) Retargeting Drips

As we already stated above that alerts and reminders always cause user engagement, whether it’s a simple reminder about renewing an account or a confirmation message displaying transaction-related details. Marketers operating e-commerce and SaaS websites leverage the cornerstone ‘email retargeting’ approach to supplement email marketing campaigns by targeting potential email contacts as well as re-engaging existing customers with ads.

Re-engaging email campaigns are behavior-based drips that are usually triggered off when a customer visits a website, look through the products, and then leaves without taking any action. Such visitors are counted up as a bounce. Retargeting emails are also pushed out when a user abandons the cart and cancels a subscription. For instance, when a customer terminates his or her Netflix subscription, the company immediately accepts their cancellation request as well as simultaneously tempts them to get back on board by propelling a retargeting email comprising ‘restart your membership’ CTA link.

A study conducted by Marketing Land suggests that about 77 percent of shoppers prefer to receive promotional and advertising resources via email compared to any other social media channel. On average, the retargeting emails have three times more open rate and six times more click-through rate than a traditional campaign.

The retargeting strategy enables businesses to:

a) Offer deals or discount coupons to shoppers who have previously purchased products from their store

b) Upsell their highest value products and services to customers

c) Send a follow-up email or show personalized popups to leads who have expressed interest in their lead generation items

d) Turn a window shopper into a loyal buyer

e) Serve an email ad to provide visitors with information about their offerings

Apart from the above mentioned drips, there are several types of email campaigns that carry out different purposes, such as the post-purchase drip for driving repeat purchases and the promotional drip for promoting products or events, depending on the context. So select a campaign that helps you guide your prospects through the onboarding process as well as drive them effectively down the sales funnel.

If you’re seeking top-notch, cost-effective digital marketing services in California to increase engagement rates, inbound traffic, sales & ROI, and brand authority, then look no further. We’ve got you covered!


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