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5 Trends That Will Dominate Web Development Domain In 2019 And Beyond
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5 Trends that Will Dominate Web Development Domain in 2019 and Beyond

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Jan 02, 2019

Web Development Trends 2019

Hein, the predictions for the web development industry in favor of 2019 are out! Due to the innovative technological advancements, techniques within the sector changes very rapidly. With each passing year, the web development industry is getting revolutionized in various aspects and swiftly adopting cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, AR and VR, user behavior tracking, facial reorganization, and more. Such trends surely deserve the attention as well as the interest of experts and users, which is why we’ve decided to shed some light at the transformed practices and perspicacious trends that will predominate the web development industry in 2019. Below are some of the top conclusions that our specialists have drawn, so let’s check them out.

1) JavaScript Updates

As we already know that standards in web development change even faster and earlier than they can be implemented. Both PHP and JavaScript are two examples of the previous statement. In the context of programming, JavaScript is still on horseback with plenty of action and potent initiatives for the front-end web developers. Regardless of the technology stack, a myriad of programmers employ this particular programming language for their work.

The implementation of the .finally() method in many libraries, the convenience of extracting an array of returned values to each enumerable property an object has, and other key features are lifting the language as well as its entire ecosystem to a whole new level. With around 71.5% votes, JS again has won the race to become the preferred programming language of choice for web developers, according to a survey conducted by the Stack Overflow. We also are jotting down some of the significant trends of JavaScript to keep you up-to-date and ahead of the game.

  • GraphQL: a query language that might replace the REST APIs in the future.
  • Reason: allows developers to write security code that works perfectly with OCaml and JS using its powerful, safe type interface.
  • Vue.js: proxy support; staple and secure API; SVG animations; optimum performance with Vue.js 2.x; the nuxt tool for module replacement, etc.
  • Next.js: integration with the React framework enables developers to attain robust React functionality while achieving a great experience similar to the Vue.js regarding code division, tools, performance, routing, and more.

2) Voice-Based Search

Voice user interface has marked the onset of a new era. Due to Virtual Assistants like Siri, Viv, Hey Athena, Google Assistant, Mycroft, Bixby, and numerous others, the evolution and position of voice searches in the app industry have strengthened. In the coming year 2019 and beyond, the voice-based technology will gain massive momentous traction in the web development sector too and also force companies and service providers to adapt to this new reality.

So, what exactly is the reason behind this change?

The shift toward voice user interfaces is now one of the prominent trends in e-commerce. Some of the top benefits are:

  • Improved site speed
  • Ease of use
  • Optimized structured data
  • Enhanced SEO efforts
  • Seamless user experience

3) PHP 7

PHP, the functional mainstay of any website is evolving so fast. It made a remarkable jump from PHP 5.3 to PHP 7.0. The versions 7.1 and 7.2 brought us phenomenal functionalities, improved security, new interfaces, and global constants. By allowing users to use Argon2 password hash for securely hashing passwords, declare a return type and (or) a parameter as a “generic” object, and perform other convoluted operations, PHP is gradually emerging as a progressive, resilient tool in the ever-growing and driven web development scenario.

According to various stats, about 82 percent of websites are designed using the “command & execute part – PHP.” The appearance of intuitive and advanced changes is incredible and trigging a massive stimulus among web development companies.

Here are the top things that make it a hot trend:

  • CSPRNG functions
  • Anonymous classes
  • Possibility to group import ads
  • Engine exceptions
  • The syntax of Escape code for Unicode

The updated version of PHP utilizes Just in Time (JIT) engine to pile up the code into machine language quickly, almost 2x faster compared to version 5.6. Putting the new declarations into practice enables your code base to use less memory and also intensifies the readability of the code. In this, plus, a fatal exception error won’t cause a program to abort and return users to the OS because the script won’t stop as well as display a white screen.

4) Motion UI

There won’t be any entrepreneur who doesn’t want a powerfully and fabulously designed website for their business. The reason being that creative and interactive design can have a significant impact on the way your potential customers interact with your brand as well as how your website performs in search engines, thereby affecting traffic and conversion rate too.

Nowadays netizens are becoming strongly disposed towards the use of uncomplicated yet responsive, captivating graphics on websites. This favorable demand has brought the ‘Motion UI’ into the development game to facilitate the designing of an arty website while keeping it as productive as possible at the same. Motion design gives a helping hand to bring digital goods into life by coupling a minimalism design with sophisticated interactive elements such as 3D objects, aesthetics, hovers, animated charts, modular scrolling, and more.

Motion UI generally is a Sass library comprising add-ons, mixin, and functions that enables web developers to simplify the creation of CSS transitions, animations, and graphics for cross-browser use. In this way, they can facilely and rapidly create the prototype of animated elements and impeccably assimilate them into their website. Here is how the motion UI will help businesses:

  • Creates your own unique style and keeps users entertained, thus increasing average page and session time, reducing bounce rate, and improving the user experience
  • Improves behavioral factors and helps your site rank better and higher on SERPs
  • Gives developers total control over how the effects should work in a particular production environment
  • Makes the navigation process on your website more user-friendly and simple
  • Allows designers and developers to play around the elements freely since Motion UI is fully compatible with JavaScript

Since web development companies now understand the growing preference of an intuitive motion design among netizens, this trend will gain a lot of exposure in the next coming years and also yield a grand outcome for businesses.

5) WebAssembly

When designing a web application, both performance and speed are usually compromised. According to professionals, WebAssembly is a low-level source-like compile target which will overcome various JS limitations that make heavy and large calculations slow, affecting user performance significantly.

This new format implements the most performance critical parts of your app in WebAssembly (wasm) and then imports them similar to the conventional JS modules. Wasm is able to load as well as compile any source code (C/C++/C#/Rust/Kotlin) into bytecode and then run it in the browser right away. Since the wasm code is executed faster than JS and written exclusively for machines, most experts consider it as the future of high-performance web apps.

WebAssembly involves both a binary notation (integer values 0 and 1) generated by the compiler and corresponding text representation, so it’s easily readable in debuggers or production environments. The expediency of achieving native-like performance on the web and providing other programming languages with the excellent, reliable binary support without adding any other development expenses might drive the popularity of WebAssembly through the roof in the coming years. On a side note, since the wasm is still in its early stage of development, some search engines don’t support this technology yet.

Are you enthused & fascinated by these forthcoming trends and seeking a reputable web development company in Rancho Cucamonga, CA for your custom website development needs? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


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