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15 Facts That Prove Inbound Marketing Is More Efficacious Than Traditional Methods - Infographic
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15 Facts that Prove Inbound Marketing is More Efficacious than Traditional Methods - Infographic

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Jun 07, 2018

Inbound Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Long gone are the days when a typical 5-minute TV ad could prompt viewers to buy a product. Today, with the rapid advancements in technology, traditional marketing techniques are becoming less effective and are being taken over by Inbound practices.

Over the past few years, Inbound marketing has proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy that can yield long-term results. Based on several studies conducted by different marketing experts, Inbound marketing is precipitously becoming the go-to strategy for capturing leads and converting prospects into regulars. There are countless reasons for this: it’s cost-effective and long-lasting; it helps you reach new markets and audiences; it increases visibility and brand awareness; it generates quality traffic and leads; and, it provides a better ROI.

The following infographic digs into some interesting statistics that will encourage you to move away from outdated, hit-and-trial methods of marketing to more strategic, customer-focused, and analytics-based approach called Inbound Marketing.

Infographic - inbound marketing vs traditional marketing



  1. user
    Ryan Biddulph June 13,2018

    Inbound most definitely rocks Gemma. Big fan of getting my inbound campaign in order before I dove full bore into blogging. Rocking post. Thanks for sharing!

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