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Website Update – How To Recognize When To Go For It
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Website Update – How to Recognize When to Go for it

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   May 23, 2017

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As we all know that different fashion magazines guide us for the latest trend changes in fashion, helping us keep our wardrobes fully updated. Similarly, when we bring our cars in for regular checkups, auto mechanics inform us about what car parts need to be replaced or fixed.

So how does business owners get to know about when their website is outdated in form or function? Turning to a Digital Marketing Agency is known as the most efficient method of analyzing your business site and bringing it up to the never-ending standards of style and technology in the marketing world.

But how will you recognize when it’s time to opt for a reliable agency? Let’s take a look at some tips as well as different factors to look out for when evaluating the need for the make-over of your business website.

WHEN to Update Your Website?

Technically, a website should have some update regime every 2-3 years. Genuine artistic trends will have progressed during this time frame. Technology will have developed to a point where your website elements are either obstructing your efforts or no longer equal to the standards of your competitors.

Since more than 90% of purchasing cycles are initiated through an online search, your digital presence is known to be the one & only platform a potential client will see before availing your services, or opting for your competitor’s website. In fact, over 65% of buying decisions are influenced by the website of a business.

WHY Update Your Website?

How to identify different red flags on your website? Technical hitches are a clear place to begin. For instance, Website Development acts as the blood line for a website and if your site has broken links and error pages, you are offering your customers a “bad experience” and ultimately turning away business. Such technical web development issues not only downsize the customer trust, but also impact the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.

Long loading time is another issue that negatively affects the user impressions – nearly 40% of users abandon a web page that takes over 3 seconds to load completely. If functions such as auto-video, auto-sound, and flash are outdated, it is considered a general aggravation by a myriad of online users.

In addition, the most devastating thing in the existing digital marketing and technology climate is not having a mobile site or having a poorly functioning mobile presence. According to Google, 61% of users are less likely to return to a mobile website if they had trouble gaining access and 40% choose a competitor’s website instead.

WHAT to Update on Your Website?

Offering users a sub-standard online experience gravely affects the individual’s likelihood of conducting business with your brand, and they are also more likely to share a negative review than a positive one. On an average, a consumer shares a good customer experience with approximately 40 people, whereas, a bad customer experience is shared by a consumer with about 50 people.

As around 80% of consumers seek out referrals before selecting where to do business, outdated and poorly functioning websites can have long-lasting & far-reaching consequences amongst your target demographics. Therefore, it is important to equip your digital space with encouraging and easy to access customer testimonials and reviews. More than 70% of people believe in online reviews as much as they do in the case of personal references.

Amplify those good reviews with more than just a “properly functioning” website i.e. spend some time, indulge effort, and conduct an analysis of the User Experience of your website layout so that to make the architecture as user-friendly as possible and the design itself draws the visitors in and keeps them interested. Since 94% of people quoted web design as the primary reason behind the rejection of a website, don’t give them this preventable reason to take their business elsewhere.

WHO to Consult to Update Your Website?

Recognizing the strong points and weak points of your website is not be as easy as seeing a 404 Error Page or fixing a broken link. As for other pieces of technology, it’s essential to consult with a trustworthy Digital Marketing Agency to stay abreast of industry standards.

A professional Digital Marketing Agency has analytical tools and years of expertise in hand to locate problems and offer a wide range of practical as well as creative solutions for your website and marketing requirements. Instead of simply ensuring that your website has active social media widgets, they can help develop and run a Social Media Marketing campaign to attract more traffic and exposure to your site.

Social media has a proven record of 100% higher lead-to-close rates as compared to the Outbound Marketing, so a Digital Marketing company will know how to emphasize more on this area to expand the relevancy of your website. Apart from this, they will also examine your site traffic to decide where people are joining in from and where the uppermost bounce rates originate (when/where visitors leave the website). They can increase brand strengths with the help of fresh & relevant content which will improve your SEO and bring in new customers while keeping the existing ones loyal.

WHERE to Go For Website Expertise?

At Rockon I.T, we can help you update your website in the most comprehensive manner. We also specialize in Website Designing campaigns. We believe in complete transparency which is why we propose a number of ideas to our clients and discuss the elements that best fit their needs and requirements.

Let’s together build a results-based website that helps keep your business stand out from the crowd in the digital world. For more result-oriented approach, discuss with us about the cross-platform campaigns that connect the success of your website with your storefront, your social media presence, and the world of online display marketing!

Contact us today for help updating your website by calling us @800-559-5582 or by filling out the contact form.


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