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Top 10 Predictions For Email Marketing In 2017
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Top 10 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2017

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Apr 17, 2017

email marketing strategy

Emails have always been one of the most powerful digital marketing services for almost every industry. Today, a lot of companies still use emails as their major tool of communication even though there is tremendous competition among messaging services.

Email Marketing in 2016 was mainly based on custom emails that include things like GIFs, embedded videos, and email optimization for different mobile devices.

Well, each of this trend is going to remain valid for 2017, but with some more to surface as well. As with several other advertising types like Facebook, Instagram marketing, etc., Email Marketing is always on the move.

Although it won’t be a big revolution, marketing efforts will surely become more competitive. Let’s get to know more about what is Email Marketing?

While planning your email marketing strategy of 2017, you should go for an effective method that can cover it all or at least this year’s predictions in regards to latest trends. For a business, opting for an ideal marketing plan is known as the key to success.

Here are the top 10 predictions for 2017:

1. Personalization of Big Data

Personalization means creating the right type of content for the right person, that too at the right time. It is a cold truth that bulk messaging without any personalized content have a strong chance of being ignored or in some cases, blocked by email providers. Personalization is already used widely, but right now, a plethora of email sending services use only their own data. Upon the elimination of the barriers between data from different sources, the Big Data pool is going to be available as a tool for a more targeted outreach.

2. Interactivity

An interactive email is the one in which the recipient can freely take action. The action itself can be responsible for triggering one or more events. For instance, adding a “subscription” or a “buy now” button in an email can lead to the sender’s website, where the email recipient can avail the service or buy the product. There are still a lot of hurdles for interactive messages, but cleared through those, this method will become common.

3. Encryption

When it comes to security, it holds an utmost important for a myriad of people, just like it should be. As the information travels via distinct channels, people need to feel more safe and protected. With this, the message delivery without encryption will soon come to a halt.

4. Inclusion of Videos

With each day passing by, a number of providers are providing support for HTML5 video to their clients. A video is easy to view by the recipient, and people prefer to watch videos or browse through photos rather than read. So there is no doubt that videos will go a long way, and can also increase the camping quality.

5. Addition of multiple email addresses

People get so many messages and this is why it gets increasingly hard to keep their track. More and more users set up a second account to keep personal emails separate from work-related ones. This type of online presence must be accounted for.

6. Automation of messages

Auto - generated messages such as “welcome” messages – are already used widely. But this still acts as a needle in a haystack. Only 5% of the total volume of messages is sent out by a company. Every company will get help from a digital marketing agency to come up with a more complicated and detailed system for future automation soon.

7. Attentiveness of providers towards email encryption

Gmail already did it, and more providers will follow soon. As we know that mail hacking is a grave security concern and users have become very delicatewhen it comes to such matters. Knowing that the message they receive is encrypted, it will be highly valued by clientele.

8. Data extraction from a blog or a Facebook group

Highly useful personal data can be pulled out from a group of people with similar interests, which will make a way for more modified messaging and outreach campaigns.

9. More specialization of marketing professionals

Just like in any other job, development originates from trained professionals. Experts who focus on particular fields like copywriting, deliverability, data entry, design, etc. will soon break new ground to encourage further improvement of digital marketing campaigns.

10. Sheer attention towards content by its creators

A particular group of people needs to be targeted with related content. Mass-produced emails are most likely to be eliminated. You should use the right words and tone, depending on who you are writing to. Confused? Well, there are many professionals now that can do the job for you.

So there you have it, there are many metrics at play there. Predicting user behavior, getting accessibility to where it needs to be, images and video embedding, automation, interactivity and big data – all of this will play a role in future developments.

Contact Rockon I.T, a Digital Marketing Agency in California to know more about this topic and how it can be beneficial for your business.


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