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The Future Of Video Marketing And Why It Is Crucial To Your Business
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The Future of Video Marketing and why it is Crucial to your Business

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Aug 06, 2018

An all-inclusive guide to video marketing for businesses

Marketers are using various digital marketing strategies to bring the audience to the world of creativity, innovation, and trends. Ever wondered how you can successfully illustrate the most innovative and prominent ads to your prospects from an insider’s perspective while catapulting your company to financial success at the same time. A short film or, to be precise, a video packed with in-depth insights describing your latest technology, feature, or product is the best way to satisfy these desires with minimal efforts.

It provides a balanced view of content and digital marketing, delivering an equal combination of global perspective as well as pragmatic and inspirational information. By using video marketing, you can dig right into consumer paranoia about which new products or services you are offering and what’s the credibility, and provide instant relief to these concerns. With commentary from experts, a video leaves no stone unturned as it explores and offers every angle of engaging information.

Video Marketing Insights

Here are some quick stats that will both fascinate and convince your boss or partner to invest in your next video project, so let’s take a walk through them.

  • According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, the percentage of business owners using videos as a marketing tool has upsurged from 63% to 81% in 2017.

  • Around 65 percent of businesses proclaimed that they have planned to incorporate videos into their digital marketing strategy in 2018.

  • 97 percent of marketers said videos helped them increase user understanding concerning their products or services and 76 percent stated it helped them increase traffic and sales.

  • According to Cisco, videos will be accountable to generate more than 80 percent of internet traffic worldwide by 2021, at a CAGR of 31 percent.

  • Last year around 76 percent of web traffic was video-based.

  • 78 percent of people watch online videos on a weekly basis while 55 percent needs a daily dose (HubSpot).

Apart from these, there are hundreds of statistics that will prove the utmost importance of video marketing for businesses.

How did we get to Modern Video Marketing?

The video isn’t a new way to advertise and promote your brand and products. It’s all started in 1941, when Bulova, an American watch brand company, recorded their very first commercial ad and ran it on a New York TV station during a Yankees game. The fortune spent on this ad was around $4. Not too little amount.

Fast forward to 43 years: the marketing industry finally observed in 1984 that videos had begun to overtake the traditional methods of advertisement, all thanks to Apple, an American technology company. Apple, during the Super Bowl, smashed all the previous advertising records with their new iconic commercial for the Macintosh.

The company Nike had set a benchmark when its 2-minute video of footballer Ronaldinho (2005) turned out to be the first ever video to reach 1 million views using YouTube that was founded in the said year.

A year later, Google also acknowledged the core value of videos for various SEO and marketing purposes, including:

  • Content and experience

  • Commerce and sales

  • Advertising and promotion

  • Social and relationships

In 2010, Old Spice used video marketing to create an interactive ad campaign and reintroduce the brand. Subsequently, many companies started using this robust tool to introduce their products, make announcements, engage potential customers, etc. And this trend is still around and will not lose any momentum in upcoming years.

4 ‘SMART’ Reasons to Start Using Video Marketing for Business

Boosts conversions and sales

According to Treepodia, a leading provider of video marketing solutions, businesses can increase conversions by 82 percent by including a video on their website’s landing page. Wisita conducted a study to know about the impact of embedding videos on their pages, and what they discovered was incredible. They concluded that visitors spent 2.6x more time on their pages with videos than without ones.

Google also confirmed the assumption by saying that more than 50 percent of internet users prefer watching videos of products and services before visiting vendors’ stores. Companies that incorporate videos into their digital marketing strategy have 34 percent higher conversion rates and 27 percent higher clickthrough rate compared to those that don’t.

Promotes brand recognition

The numerous advantages of using an animated product-explainer video to establish a brand value are undeniable. This powerhouse tool can help your potential customers to recall your brand from time to time. According to HubSpot, remembering the content from an image or video is much simpler than a text piece. To create informative and entertaining videos, make sure to keep content in concordance with your brand strategy. Below we have outlined some tips and tricks for creating killer videos to increase brand awareness:

  • Create personalized characters that help in developing immediate identification and powerful emotions in people.

  • Use various colors to create an eloquent and credible visual and auditory identity.

  • Produce various types of video content, including product demonstration, micro, and guide.

  • Develop content that is unique and creative regarding casting, scripting, editing, style, etc.

  • Use long tail search keywords in the title and description of your video.

  • Create video content that is mobile-friendly.

Improves your site’s SEO

Around 75 percent of shoppers decide to visit a seller’s website after watching a video. Various studies show that your website or business is 53 times more likely to list on the first page of Google engine results if it includes a video. By optimizing your videos for various search engines, you can boost your site’s organic traffic over the long-term. According to HubSpot, 42 percent of business decision-makers contact a seller after viewing their brand’s videos. Not only can you multiply your brand visibility through videos, but can also build a loyal customer base. Not to mention, 98 percent of internet users watch an explainer video to learn about a service or product before making a purchase decision.

Aids email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a dynamic and cutting-edge approach to send ads, solicit sales, and build trust. And by combining the power of videos with email marketing, you can give your business a refreshing performance boost.

Just by writing the word “video” in your subject line when composing an email, you can increase open rates, boost click-throughs, and decrease unsubscribe rates. Usually, video email marketing leads to a 200 to 300 percent increase in click-through rate, which undeniably is a staggering statistic.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing company in Rancho Cucamonga to incorporate videos into your next marketing strategy or website and need any help, get in touch with us! We offer top-notch online web development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to help you succeed in your business.


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