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The Four Golden Rules For Successful Retargeting Marketing
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The Four Golden Rules for Successful Retargeting Marketing

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Aug 30, 2016

retargeting marketing

Before we dive too deeper about the four golden rules for successful retargeting marketing lets know the fact that only 2% of online users convert on their first visit. So, how do you convert the remaining 98%? Retargeting marketing of course! Retargeting is a cookies based online marketing tactic that uses a code to ‘anonymously’ follow and retarget your online visitors.

Retargeting marketing is not only cost-effective but also precise. It can generate greater online sales by keeping your brand visible and in the center of social media channels. The high click rates and increased rate of conversion underscores the value of good branding and repeated exposure.

Select Well-branded Ads

Your ad is the most important factor in reposting. They are crucial to spark a subliminal connection between your brand and your audience. Since your audience is already familiar with your website, engage them by highlighting your logo, products and branding on all of your ad-units. Be sure to use social media ads as well.

Target the Right Audience

It is crucial to know which of your visitors more conversion friendly than others are. Select the customers who are giving positive signals and are completing actions to reflect their will to buy. Detect the regular customers on your pricing page. They can easily convert. If it does not happen, keep on nurturing the lead. Wait for the right moment. You might consider offering a discount code or free offer in a bid to get them to become your customer.

Use Multiple Channels

It is important to expand your retargeting campaign to other social media networks. Display ads on different websites which are preferably used by the customers. Feel free to use number of animations, call-to-action, videos and images to attract the customer. Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are also a good medium for retargeting your customers.

Keep rotating your Creative’s

Customers are always in search of something new. Keep on rotating your creative’s. Updating them regularly and designing them according to different social media channels will keep them fresh in the memory of customer. Limit their frequency to avoid irritation to the customer.

Retargeting is fruitful only if you have segmented your audience intelligently. It is not meant for bombardment of content on your customers. The idea is simply to strike a balance between overbearing and undeserving your audience.


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