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Steps Involved In Developing An Extraordinary Website For Your Firm
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Steps Involved in Developing an Extraordinary Website for Your Firm

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Aug 03, 2017

Web Development Services in Rancho Cucamonga

Today, the internet has become an integral part of our lifestyle. One can easily shop, search jobs, make reservations, etc. via a plethora of online resources, which makes internet one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your target audience.

If you are a business owner, then you need to ensure that your venture makes the most of this opportunity. But the question that arises here is how? Well, you can hire a well-reputed Website Development Company to create and manage your firm’s online presence.

An awful lot of people often confuse website development with designing. While designing mainly pertains to the overall aesthetics of the website, development refers to all the tasks linked with hosting a website on the internet or intranet such as:

  • Web Design
  • Web Content Development
  • Client/Server-Side Scripting
  • Network Security Configuration

Many people often underestimate the power of an optimized website. It acts as a platform to market your products & services; and if done right, it can really get things moving. It all boils down to whether you convert your website into a well-managed asset or not.

For a better understanding of the website development process, let us quickly go through the different steps involved in developing a website exclusively tailored for your business.

1) Gathering Information

The first step is extremely vital as it determines how the subsequent steps will turn out to be. Initially, the most important thing is to get a clear understanding of your business, its future prospects, your target audience, and of course, your business goal.

An ideal Web Development Company will require this information in order to devise a solid strategy which caters to your objectives. For instance, a news portal obviously looks different from a kids’ learning website as both of them have different purposes and visitors.

A detailed analysis of your business ensures that both you and the web development company you’ve hired are on the same page, thus avoiding any issues which could waste a considerable amount of time and money.

2) Planning

By using all the information collected in the previous step, a plan is put together in the form of a sitemap. It outlines all the key areas of the website and their subparts (if any). This way, it shows the relationship between all the pages of your portal so that you can ensure that a user can easily find any necessary information after starting from the home page.

It is essential that a good user interface is in place so that visitors can easily navigate through the site. Programming language, Framework, and Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress are also planned during this phase.

3) Designing

It is while designing that your website starts taking its actual shape. All the pictures and videos to be featured in the website are created and finalized here. Again, the information provided by you in the beginning is kept in mind and an initial layout of the site is made.

It contains the logo, color scheme, images, etc. to give you a fair idea of what is coming. The development agency then sends you the prototype for evaluation so that you can give your feedback about any necessary changes.

4) Developing

This is where the core Web Development Services come into play and the website comes to life! First, the home page is created, which is followed by the remaining ones in accordance with their hierarchy that was decided while creating the sitemap.

The frameworks and CMS are also implemented to ensure that the server can comfortably sustain them. Everything that was planned is turned into reality, which is why having a sound knowledge of website development is of the essence here.

5) Testing & Delivery

Once the website is developed, it is then subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that everything is working flawlessly. Links, scripts, forms, cross-browser compatibility, and spellings are checked repeatedly to make sure that no slip-ups creep in. After a thorough investigation, the development company waits for your final thumbs up.

After getting the approval, the site is delivered to you and finally goes live. It is then again tested to check if all the files have been completely uploaded and if the site is fully operational.

6) Maintenance

Development is something which never stops, even after delivering the website. It might seem like a tedious task but it is important to keep the website up and running. New devices are always entering the market and browsers keep getting updated with new standards and features, so regular maintenance will ensure that your business portal continues to work like a charm.

In a nutshell, web development is a very elaborate process which covers everything right from planning and development to testing and post-development maintenance. It is crucial to have an open line of communication with your developer so that the resultant website represents your business’s vision and contributes to its utmost growth.

In case you are looking for Web Development Services in Rancho Cucamonga, then contact us! We are the industry leaders with many seasoned experts on our team who understand your needs and act accordingly.


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