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Significant Importance Of Developing A Mobile App For Your Hospital
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Significant Importance of Developing A Mobile App For Your Hospital

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   May 31, 2017

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Just like all other sectors which are witnessing a huge upsurge in the advancement of mobile technology, the health sector is also a decent contender in the race of gaining a technological advantage. It is believed that development in the technology field is a godsend for human beings if it is utilized for their benefits. For such and many other reasons, every mobile app for hospital today is trying to set specific high standards when it comes to becoming a boon for those who are looking for medical assistance of specialty doctors or emergency treatment for their disease.

Today, right from the multi-specialty hospitals to the startup clinics, top medical professionals and doctors prefer utilizing smartphones to tackle their day-to-day tasks competently. As medical professionals need to get prepared for different emergency situations, a professionally developed medical app offers the best assistance to stay attentive day and night.

Based on recent surveys, nearly 53% people prefer smartphones to attain health-related information, including prescription information, health insurance, etc. More than 30% of doctors confirm their decision of prescription using a smart device like a phone, tablet, and more. When it comes to medical mobile apps usage, around 80% of doctors trust them. Apart from this, mobile apps for healthcare will play a crucial role in the medical practice in the next 5 years.

According to the same research, the global market of mHealth will grow drastically, and it will become more than 55 billion USD industry by the year 2020. Generally, most of the smartphone users always choose digital options for their healthcare need and requirements, but only a handful of healthcare providers offer services using mobile technology so far.

Therefore, this is the apt time frame for wellness centers, healthcare providers, medical professionals, and hospitals to achieve technology advantage so that to deliver more efficient healthcare services that also offer them lucrative long-term profits.

Here in this blog post, we will be highlighting the important reasons behind developing a mobile app for clinic or hospital. There are diverse types of hospitals located in different areas and cities worldwide. Even though there are multi-specialty hospitals available in every city, more small, medium or big hospitals are present in each city. Hence, this makes it difficult for patients to search for a right place and physician to gain the best treatment.

Our key motive behind this blog is to provide useful information for developing an innovative mobile app for your hospital, and how it benefits you in enhancing your services, reputation, and profitability.

Let’s see how medical apps can benefit your hospital.

Usually, there are numerous tasks in hospitals which need to handle proficiently by the team of doctors who are responsible for running or managing the hospital. Right from admitting to discharging a patient, there are a number of tasks that require special attention by the hospital staff, including doctors, nurses, and the ward boys. In addition to this, there are several other departments which need to handle their everyday tasks efficiently.

Hospital Mobile App Services For Doctors

Nurses need to take care of the patients as well as keep and maintain complete reports of every patient right from his/her daily prescriptions to all medical tests, including x-ray reports and other information. An app for doctors and nurses allows them to stay connected while sharing treatment details of their patients rapidly. Such kind of apps are highly useful in case the doctor is not available due to any reason and it becomes essential to offer treatment to the patient.

Through a hospital app, doctors can fetch all the patient details to offer the right treatment by notifying the assistant doctor or nurse. A medical app for doctors is also useful when a hospital discharges a patient and looks for the recovery assistance from a doctor. In similar situations, a doctor can go through the patient’s treatment history using an app so that to provide the best suggestions.

App for Hospital Administration

The Administration Department can allocate rooms and beds to the patients as well as keep a proper track of when a patient gets admitted and discharged as well as collect payment details and medical insurance documents. They also need to ensure that all the rooms, equipment, and other facilities are in order. So, this type of app helps to simplify all administrative tasks in a hassle-free manner.

App for Women’s Hospital

For such hospitals, an app that can help patients in pregnancy can be of great advantage for them, helping to offer the best treatment. Right from pre-conception to post-partum, it offers a complete guide to help women. You can also design an informative app that guides your patients about what to follow and what to not at different stages of pregnancy. Whether it is scheduling an appointment, periodic tests or any emergency case, such an app for your hospital can help the doctors to get quick information of their patient at the touch of a button on their smartphones.

App for Hospital’s Medical Store

You need to keep and maintain the stock of medicines, medical equipment, and other tools in your hospital that are used in operations, surgeries, or medical treatment. In your hospital’s medical store, it is essential to keep the store inventory fully maintained, and this becomes easy with a mobile app. It gives you all the information of your stock, which helps you to place orders of medicines as soon they go out of stock. You can also set alerts if the stock of any medicine goes below the minimum order level quantity. Hence, it is possible to keep your inventory up-to-date all the time effortlessly.


There are several other types of apps that you can design such as an informative app that provides all the information of doctors and the treatment they offer, their contact information, available time, and many more. This makes it easy for a patient to approach the concerned doctor and get immediate assistance.

For creating a successful mobile app for your hospital, you need to find an expert mobile app development company that completely understands and acts according to your app requirements to offer you the best app development solution based on the right platform and technology.

So if you are looking for mobile app development services in California, then look no further as Rockon I.T is a one-stop destination for all your mobile app needs.

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