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Online Display Advertising Trends To Look Out For In 2017
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Online Display Advertising Trends to look out for in 2017

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   May 18, 2017

Online Display Advertising

As it has been quite a few months since we have entered 2017, data and technology still continue to drive innovation and performance of Online Display Advertising for savvy brands. Without any further ado, we at Rockon I.T present to you, the top display trends on the horizon.

Real Online to offline attribution

When it comes to Display Ads, they will be more locally focused to not only recognize online lifts via attribution reports, but also in-store lifts. As technology advances and the amount of data collected with the help of our data management platforms as well as reporting tools grows, both our desire and ability to understand consumer behavior offline are also escalating. As things get clearer about understanding our online efforts to drive in-store visits, we can start witnessing foot traffic and putting a true cost per visit (CPV) to our metrics.

Brands live connection with consumers

Live video streaming will win the majority and brands will need to learn how to engage consumers in their live stream experiences. Promoting such events on different social channels will be counted amongst the most significant drivers of getting the word out, but the real driver will be knowing how to ensure where and what you are streaming is related to your viewers. 

Expansion of Native advertising

Yes, we are completely aware that this is a popular tactic which has been around for a while now and is already used by numerous brands because of its capability to fetch natural-looking visibility. And yes, it is on the rise and continues to make its headway. Native advertising is certainly an effective way to grab the attention of your consumers. There would be no surprise if we see newer, more enhanced types of native advertising provided by major publishers.

Creativeness as the key for storytelling

As carousel ads are on rapid growth from social channels to search platforms, captivating visuals and creativeness will be the key in future. As we all know that Google is the first to tryout carousel ads in search engine results pages - images and content that can be swiped through by the consumers, commonly identified as visual site links.

Currently, they are only using in the auto industry, but soon the capability will expand to all verticals. This is vital as brands will gain the ability to offer their potential customers a 360-degree view of their products at search level. For this, businesses will need to invest in Display Advertising services that include high quality creativity, which is designed to engage consumers in the brand story.

More emphasis on ROI and brand awareness

For numerous years, display advertising has been all about creating brand awareness – simply getting the company’s name out there. While this will continue to be a strategy that a number of brands will need and use, countless companies will want to recognize the bigger picture of display advertising and how it will drive ROI.

Last year, different platforms established brand lift reports, conversion lift reports, and attribution reports in order to tell the bigger story of how online display pushed in ROI, but this was just the first level of understanding Display Advertising. In 2017, we will want to look closer at how we can bring in online sales as well as in-store metrics.

Narration of the display story by data visualization

The term “Big data” was a buzz in 2015 and 2016, but a myriad of brands did not know what to do with it. To digest enormous data, brands needed to opt for analytics specialists so that to break down the data and make an actionable information. With the use of different tools like Tableau, breaking the data down into such a style that is easily readable is going to become much more upfront and cast a huge difference when it comes to decision making aspect for big brands. Data visualization will assist brands to recognize their marketing efforts while driving informed decisions about their campaigns in the future. 

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