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Need A Brand New Website – Get Your Thinking Cap On (Part 1 Of 2)
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Need a Brand New Website – Get Your Thinking Cap On (Part 1 of 2)

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Jun 16, 2017

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You’ve reached that point, where you begin understanding the importance of your brand’s web presence as well as your marketing. You know it’s the perfect time to create a website or revamp the existing one. But, you feel like it’s hard to find an honest answer about what’s involved.
What does it mean to create a business website?
Let’s get the elephant out of the room first. Why not just contact us for Digital Marketing services?
Continuing, the actual answer to this question is that it depends a lot on what you want your website to achieve. If you are short on budget, need a basic website (showing your contact information and your operation hours), or aren’t too worried about the looks of your website, then there are numerous website builders available online.
But…let’s say you feel that it’s high time to enable your business to stand out from the crowd. Maybe being on the third or fourth page of search engine results cannot be tolerated anymore. Last but not the least, you never found enough time to develop a website at all.
But now you’re all set to go for it.
You actually need your website to exhibit the qualities which give you an edge over your competitors. You want to display your business ethic and brand name to your existing as well as potential clientele. Surely if you create a brand new website, the business is going to rush in like anything.
It’s time to ask your buddy to get going on the build, right? Or maybe your friend knows this great freelancer, why not consider him? They will have a complete knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, sitemaps, design, Google Analytics, copywriting, etc.
Maybe not.
Well, it’s time for the straight talk. While there is no doubt that there are some really great people out there doing some good work, there are a plethora of things to focus on when it comes to a well-constructed website. Every single one of them demands a good deal of time as well as skill-set to master. If you want a website that looks good, easy to use, and ranks well on search, then you are looking for a unicorn to find one person who has the expertise in all.
If you’re aiming for a website with distinct characteristics, including professional look, user-friendly, flexible across devices, and well-ranked on different search engines, this is where a digital agency with a dedicated team of experts really shines.
So, the question that arises here is what should you expect when you sign up for a professionally developed website? Well, take a closer look at some of the highlights.
An Analysis
This is essential as it helps you figure out the purpose that your website is fulfilling for your business, and how to structure it in the most effective way so that to reach your base. Depending on your needs and situation, this could consist of a website audit (if you own a site already), in-depth keyword research, competitor research, and much more.
A Sitemap
This helps in the detailing of the new site and how it is going to be structured. Actually, it’s a chart displaying the planning of the top-level (most prominent) pages & all the key sub-pages and where they would be appearing in the website’s menu.
The wireframes show how every key page type will appear on the final site, including user experience details like how the navigation will function. Wireframes decide the UX of the website — what the hierarchy of the information should be, so that they can find what they need, where and what elements should be included on a page, and how and what key messages should be featured.
User Interface Design
When talking about web designing services, this is where the aesthetic website elements are formed and used. The base structure defined by the wireframes is dressed up with brand colors, imagery, typefaces, iconography, and all the other assets that are needed to describe the overall look & feel of the website.
Domain Registration & Hosting
In case you don’t have these in place, you’ll be set up with a domain (the website address) and hosting (where all your site’s files are placed so that to produce a functional website).
Content Strategy
This includes all the content forms that are going to appear on your website, from what to be on your pages, to what types of images and videos to place, and most important - how to say it all in such a way that emphasizes on the best of your brand.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
This is all the details that affect how search engines read your website and choose where it should appear in their rankings.
The Development
This is the where all the ‘code stuff’ happens. With the help of web development services, the design is turned into a fully functional, interactive website. According to your preferences and needs, it can be customized, using interactive details, custom plugins, or business-specific functionalities like live chat, a shopping cart, or particular region targeting. It should always include the responsiveness so that the website can work well no matter what web browser or device the site’s audience uses to view it.
Content Implementation
When the website has been created and all the content has been drawn together, it’s time to merge them together so that visitors can go through all the details of your business upon the landing on your website.
A Launch Plan
This includes all the things that make sure that everything goes smoothly at the time of launch. If you already own a website, then it includes a migration plan to ensure all the links of pages on your existing website still work and you don’t lose any of the organic search traffic in the changing process.
Performance Metrics
This is the place where tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console come into action so that search traffic can be measured while collecting the information about how people are interacting with the website. This is where you figure out conversion rates and all the other good stuff.
Post-launch Measurement
This takes place in the following days and weeks after the launch, and this ensures that your newly built website is performing up to the set standards.
Living in an internet age, where a website can be created by anyone, is surely great, and let’s be straightforward, pretty empowering. But, if your newly developed website doesn’t provide the right user experience to your audience, then it can be worse than not having a website at all. This is why we will be sharing ‘a complete guide for a website’ in the next blog post as the 2nd part of the same, so stay tuned for more updates.
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