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Digital Marketing Strategy! 8 Reasons To Show That It Is A Must
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Digital Marketing Strategy! 8 Reasons to Show that it is a must

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Mar 04, 2017

Digital Marketing Strategy

In this digitally advanced age, the main question that arises in the minds of most of the organizations is where do they begin if they want to develop a digital marketing strategy? Well, it doesn’t need to be a huge report, as a simple strategy can best be summarized in digital marketing services, linking the strategies to smart objectives. Despite this, it seems that a plethora of firms are still unable to obtain a plan.

So in case you don't have a digital marketing strategy for your company or may be want to review which business issues are vital to include in a strategic review, we've come up with the 8 most common issues which according to our experience, arise if there has been no strategy placed by a firm.

Why digital marketing strategy is a must?

1. Aimlessness

A digital marketing agency without a digital strategy doesn't have clear strategic goals for what it wants to achieve online presence when it comes to attaining new customers or deepening relationships with the existing ones. And if a firm doesn't have goals, then it doesn't likely to put enough resources to achieve those goals and also doesn't evaluate via analytics whether it is meeting those goals or not.

2. Competitors will gain market share

If you're not allocating enough resources to digital marketing or you're following some random approach with no clearly stated strategies, then there is a strong chance that both your existing and new competitors will consume your digital lunch.

3. Not knowing online market share

Customers’ demands for online services can be taken too lightly in case you haven’t researched about its importance. Perhaps, more importantly, you won't recognize your own online marketplace – unlike traditional channels, the dynamics will be different with distinct types of customer profiles & behavior, propositions, competitors, and selections for marketing communications.

4. Not having a dominant online value proposal

A clearly defined value proposition of online customer will assist you to distinguish your online service, thus, encouraging new as well as customers to involve primarily and stay loyal.

5. Not knowing your online customers sufficiently well

It is believed that digital is the "most computable medium ever" but Google Analytics and similar tools will only allow to you know the volumes of visits, not the emotions of visitors, their thinking. In order to resolve this, you need to use other types of “website user-feedback tools” and make your weak points strong by addressing them effectively.

6. Wasting both time and money through duplication

Even if there are enough resources with you, it may be misused. This is mainly the case in bigger organizations, where there are different parts of the marketing team buys diverse tools for performing same digital marketing services.

7. Not being nimble enough to follow or stay ahead

If you take an example of the top online brands such as Dell, Amazon, Tesco, Google, Zappos, etc. they are all energetic - testing new approaches for improvement or taking care of their online customers.

8. Not optimizing

Every business with a website has analytics, but the management lacks the capability to review and act on them. Once you get the basics of a digital marketing strategy right, you can continue to improve the key aspects such as site user experience, search marketing, SMM, SEO, and PPC.

So these are the top 8 problems that can be evaded with an effective digital marketing strategy, and Rockon I.T, a digital marketing agency in California can be a one-stop solution for this.


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