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Battle Of The Giants: Laravel Vs. Yii PHP Framework – Who Is The Winner? (Part 1 Of 2)
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Battle of The Giants: Laravel vs. Yii PHP Framework – Who is the Winner? (Part 1 of 2)

  •   Gemma Walker
  •   Jul 13, 2018

Laravel vs. Yii – Introduction, Difference, and Comparison

Developing complex web apps and sites can be an intimidating and time-consuming process. The emergence of latest PHP frameworks has helped developers in building high-quality, compelling websites and apps with ease. The new PHP frameworks enable users to create sites quicker, improve scalability, and facilitate long-term maintenance by reusing modules, codes, and other generic components. This way, the programmers need to write a single sustainable codebase to build interoperable and agile apps and sites.

At present, PHP offers a myriad of frameworks that differ in capacities, tools, and features. And, the two frameworks “Laravel and Yii” are emerging as strong candidates in this tight race. The reason being that the cutting-edge ‘Yii and laravel development services’ have made it easier for developers to create extremely secure and feature-rich websites and applications efficiently. However, they often get confused between laravel and Yii framework and struggle to pick the correct one for their new projects. Ergo, here we are - to talk about these two most popular frameworks and understand which one is best among them. So let’s get started with the battle of the giants and find which framework is winning so far!

Learning the ABC of the Laravel Framework

Initially introduced back in 2011, laravel is, beyond a doubt, the most popular framework among users. It is loaded with expressive and elegant syntax, a superb set of artisan commands, and several advanced modules. Its latest version Laravel 5.6 was launched in February 2018, which turned out to be an instant hit with developers. It simplifies the web app development process with the help of its various excellent features, including dynamic rate-limiting, single-server task scheduling, etc.

And the best part is that it commendably handles authentication, routing, session, pagination, and caching processes. With its fast and light-weight templating engine “Blade,” laravel facilitates unit testing procedure and repeatable tasks. Not to mention, this excellent MVC framework provides developers with a vast and compatible ecosystem that can be leveraged as a quick hosting and deployment platform. Additionally, it offers them a local and hassle-free development environment through Homestead, which is a packaged Vagrant box of this framework. By using laravel web development services, programmers witnessed an eye-opening increase in the performance of websites as well as improved deployment and optimization capabilities just within days of its initial implementation.

Understanding Yii Framework

Now let’s talk about Yii, another PHP framework which is widely used by most of the developers. This high-performance, open-source, and component-based MVC Architecture framework has powerful caching support and numerous outstanding features to boost security, performance, and agility. Yii’s ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) coding concept’ and ‘MVC pattern’ help programmers develop composable and well-written codebase, thereby ensuring a real separation of presentation and logic. This object-oriented programming (OOP) framework was introduced in 2008 while focusing on secure and high-performance app development. It comes with numerous helper methods as well as a set of validators and widgets to model databases, avoid complexity, and work efficiently with AJAX.

For instance, Yii utilizes a robust Composer Dependency Manager (CDM) to handle different installations and JQuery integration for faster coding.

The JQuery integration allows designers to embrace the framework quickly for frontend development. Additionally, they can use a powerful code generator tool (Gii) for implementing the CRUD operations and rapid prototyping, all while automating the scaffolding process.

Developers and designers are reaping the ample benefits of “Yii and Laravel” frameworks to build full-featured, best-in-class, and secure web apps & sites with hassle-free installation and minimal configuration.

That’s all for now! In our next blog post, we will explain the difference between both these frameworks by comparing their parameters and try to find which one is the best. So stay tuned with us!

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