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5 Mobile App Features That Customers REALLY Want (PART – 2)
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5 Mobile App Features That Customers REALLY Want (PART – 2)

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Sep 08, 2017

Mobile Application Development Companiy in California

In our previous blog, we talked about how the present day app users are getting choosier day by day, which makes app development a really difficult process. However, the number of smartphone users has sky-rocketed in the last couple of years which has made mobile apps an indispensable part of the marketing strategy for a number of businesses.

We also talked about 2 in-app features which entice its users, and thus, allow them to grow their customer base exponentially. Now, let’s take a quick look at the remaining 3 features.

     III. Seamless Checkout

There is absolutely nothing more arduous for mobile shoppers than the checkout procedure. While minimizing the data fields is important, it is impossible to completely eliminate them, especially when talking about the checkout process – where user information is vital.

Well, the solution is to only ask for necessary information and keep the number of fields limited. For instance, you can combine the First and Last Name into a unified field. You can also save some time by using the Autofill feature to enter City and State based on the Zip Code.

In addition to it, the provision to save payment methods and shipping addresses is another big plus which will help the customers to quickly place an order. This way, many small things contribute in making your users happy, and in turn, they keep coming back for more!

     IV. Personalized Experiences

When the success of an app largely relies on the user experience, it comes as a little surprise that everyone wants to provide a more personal experience. In order to stand out in a sea of apps, it is crucial that personalization is made the top priorities during the development of your app.

As intimidating as it sounds, personalization can be added rather easily. Android & iOS App Development Services can leverage demographics, browsing & purchase history, current location, and so on to provide customized content according to your users’ taste.

When your app offers specialized content to every user on the basis of their taste and preferences, it is more likely that they will feel connected to your app, and in turn, your brand.

     V. Simplicity

These days, apps can be developed to perform a plethora of functions. However, incorporating such functions in your app will be of little help unless they fall in line with your users’ needs. An app with many unnecessary features might confuse your users instead of wooing them.

Cramming your app with features which do not have a clear purpose and offer little to no benefit to users will only make it more clunky. As we discussed earlier, users look forward to an intuitive app navigation which means that simplicity is the key.

Remember, people use your app for a reason so you need to ensure that it focuses primarily on those tasks. After perfecting them, you can shift your focus on other parameters. Additional features often distract the users, because of which their experience takes a direct hit.

A simple design with limited, but necessary functions will always score big as compared to an all-in-one app, with the latter often overwhelming as well as unknowingly pushing users away.

In a nutshell, every business — whether big or small — will eventually need a mobile app to make things easier and more accessible for its customers. When done right, an app can become a powerful weapon that assists a business in capturing a significant portion of the market share.

However, if something is amiss, it still might be able to pull it off, but as it does not possess all the key features, the odds are that it will fail to leave a mark. So, make sure that your app has got all the bases covered and everything else will fall into place on its own.

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