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4 Common Yet Egregious Web Designing Mistakes To Avoid
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4 Common Yet Egregious Web Designing Mistakes To Avoid

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Oct 31, 2017

Web Design Services in California

With a recent surge towards cool new design trends such as scrolling and parallax in the web design industry, almost every marketer has started to use creative design services to give a facelift to their website. That’s one important reason why many developers tend to make poor design choices, which as a result prevents clients from accessing your services, products, or brand.

From cluttered design to complex navigation, poor quality images, and inconsistent structure, there are plenty of mistakes that anyone can make while developing a website. If you want to keep your site stay ahead of the pack, then you need to avoid these most common stumbling blocks:

Cluttered design

A creative and attractive website design leaves a good impression on your clients. It’s no secret that a website designed without using quality web design services can limit your chances of achieving your business objectives, but that doesn’t mean you pack your site’s layout with tons of unnecessary things just to make it look more compelling. There are many elements that can be a reason for the failure of your website, including complicated navigation, too many keywords, autoplay media, and vague graphics & animation. These common mistakes may make your website look purely ingenious at first, but in reality, they would distract and confuse your visitors. Not only there’s a higher possibility of losing your potential clients, but also it can make your website unresponsive on various gadgets.

Lack of call-to-action

Let’s say a person went to a supermarket for grocery shopping. He went inside, searched through the racks, selected the things he was looking for, and finally proceeded to pay for it ... But he came out of the store empty-handed.

Do know why? That’s because there was no cashier available to whom he could pay.

The same applies to your website as well. Your website is like an online market for your visitors. When they need to buy something, they look through your site and check your products to find the desired one. Possibilities are, they might like something but end with up a query regarding the same, because of which they may want to talk to an expert of yours over the phone or perhaps meet in-person. After going through the whole website, they might not find a way to proceed further. Guess, what would happen next?

Unfortunately, but yes, they would exit your website and search for another one, because of which you may lose some of your prospective clients. Your website’s goal should be to entice your visitors to take an action. Adding a call to action button on your site helps you to build a healthy relationship with your visitors and allow them to contact you anytime regarding anything.

Poor quality images

It is better not to include any visual impressions than to add poor quality images and icons to your website. There is an old maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words. Images not only reduce readership but also bring more visitors to your site as they are the first thing that captures your visitor’s attention. Higher quality pictures are more appealing than the blurry or poor quality ones. Websites or blogs that contain images are more likely to receive 94% more views than those without.

Let’s talk about an e-commerce website, for example, Amazon, which is the world’s largest online shopping store. It always includes high-quality and detailed images of their products, which influence their visitors to buy them. So, it is not wrong to say that images are a great resource to establish a business reputation in the market and increase your ROI. But it would only be possible if the images you display are adequately composed and of high-quality & resolution.

Using too many fonts

Developers come across many fonts when they start building a site. It may be hard to resist the temptation of using all of them as each has its distinct personalities. According to the general rule of thumb, one should use 2 to 3 fonts per web page.

Before adding any new font to the design, ask yourself one simple question – is it really a great idea? You may think that adding a stylish font can enhance the overall experience of your website design, however, in reality, it can create a mess and confuse your clients. To prevent such a situation from arising, it is ideal to use two different fonts throughout the same page of your website.

Bottom line

Whether you are thinking of building a new website or redesigning the existing one, you need to avoid these mistakes as they can leave a negative impact on the overall quality of your site. Besides that, if you are a newbie to the designing industry, then you should consider working hiring a website designing company in California that offers professional & creative web design services to build cool, sophisticated, and engaging websites with interactive navigation and pages.

Did you make any of the mistakes as mentioned above while developing a site? According to you, which mistake is a fatal one and how to avoid it? Share your thoughts with us.


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