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3 Ways Versatile Mobile Apps Serve Restaurant Business
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3 Ways Versatile Mobile Apps Serve Restaurant Business

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Dec 26, 2017

hotel and restaurant mobile app development services

One of the most infuriating things about running a hotel or restaurant is the dramatic fluctuations in customer attendance. One moment you try to stay occupied and the very next minute you are bombarded with so many customers that makes the venue seem understaffed.

Sometimes, like holidays or festival days, surges are expected, but other times, they aren’t. This is just one of the many sore points which can be easily addressed with technology. Many entrepreneurs from the hospitality industry are now jumping on to the mobile bandwagon.

Lately, there has been a lot of development in mobile technology which aims at assisting such businesses. Hotel and restaurant mobile app development is the new norm, and many owners have understood the significance of having native apps for their businesses.

Here is a fun fact: Starbucks, one of the biggest food & beverage giants, collected 16% of their revenue through the app itself. In money value, they managed to pocket $1.6 billion out of their total sales worth $10 billion via a mobile app.

Not sure about you, but we do not think that $1.6 billion is a sum that can be neglected.

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have an idea about the statistics pertaining to smartphone & internet usage:

  • 77% of Americans now use a smartphone, a number which was 35% back in 2011.


  • Number of smartphone-only internet users in America has climbed to 12% (2016) from 8% in 2013.
  • Smartphone penetration in the UK is at 81% as compared 52% in 2012.

So, it is pretty evident that the idea of mobile apps for restaurants and hotels does reap fruits. But here is the real question: is it worth the investment?

To answer this question, we have put together three outcomes of an app which will help you do the math on the potential customers and revenue that you are missing out on.

     1. Grow Your Bookings

The number of mobile users is at an all-time high, and it is not hard to guess why; compact form factor, affordability, accessibility, etc. make it a no-brainer. Now let us go back to the figures again, figure 1 revealed that 77% of Americans own a smartphone.

Also, 70% of the total digital time is spent on mobiles. As so many people are spending a good portion of their time on mobile phones, it indicates that cellphones are becoming increasingly popular. This, in turn, makes them an important platform to woo and help increase your customer base.

Furthermore, mobile apps simplify the booking process, making it more convenient for you and your customers. If the guests cannot be accommodated at a given time, they will be automatically provided other available options, thus eliminating the guessing game.

While bookings can be done via websites as well, apps have another trick up their sleeve that gives them an edge, i.e. Push Notifications. This way you can inform patrons about their booking confirmations and also remind them of the same.

     2. The Value of Loyalty

This is another key advantage of availing mobile app development services for hotels and restaurants. Having an app can strengthen both your brand and customer loyalty. Besides, it can be easily integrated with a Guest Loyalty Program (GLP) where visitors are awarded points for each booking and stay, which later can be converted into rewards like a discount on next visit.

Moreover, guests can also be encouraged to provide a small feedback through the app. This way, your venue can gather its own reviews directly from guests and work on the problematic areas in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

Loyalty programs are one of the most effective motivators of customer spending, which also increase your revenue. They also entice the customers to come back to your venue so as to avail the benefits earned from their previous visits. This way, it has a positive effect on the brand as well as customer loyalty.

3.     Better Marketing ROI

Most marketing efforts are accompanied with medium to high costs as compared to push notifications that are provided by mobile apps. Other than the small cost of developing the app, you only need some time to create the notifications and create geo-targeting rules.



SMS/Text Message

Push Notification

First Reach


Instant (If phone is on)

Instant (If phone is on)

Average Open Rate

23% (Industry dependent)







Opt-out Possibility




Sender’s Identity


Often Unclear



Medium (with links)

Medium (for local ventures)


Who would not be interested in marketing with minimal expenditure and higher open rates than the conventional forms of marketing? On top of that, your efforts are directed towards those individuals who are already interested in your business.

The Bottom Line

Having a website for your venue does not mean that you do not need a mobile app. As the consumer preference bends towards mobile devices, your marketing strategy also needs to be improvised. While your website continues to remain a key tool for brand recognition, your mobile app will serve as a way to market more effectively to customers with a known interest in your restaurant.

Even though it is pretty clear that an app will go a long way in helping you taste the success you so rightfully deserve, most owners are too occupied to handle this additional task. This is why we perfected a system where you tell us about your requirements, and we offer the best possible solution in the form of professional mobile app development services for businesses operating in and around Rancho Cucamonga, CA. For further clarification, give us a call on +1 (800) 559-5582 or drop a message on


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