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3 Things To Remember While Creating Personalized Digital Content
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3 Things to remember while creating personalized digital content

  •   Bobby Bedi
  •   Jul 15, 2016

Digital Marketing Content

Both research and logic dictate that personalized content is more appealing than generic content.

Now, that’s rather understandable when it comes to marketing to your existing customers when we talk about new customers, the entire ball game changes. This post explores how we can personalize digital market to make it more appealing and effective to an unexplored market.

Classify Content by Audience Type or Niche

A B2C market will respond to media elements such as gifs and animated videos while chard's and research metrics will sit well with B2B clients. Instagram followers of a yoga site want to see pictures of people doing yoga poses and healthy eating tips in their feed while those of a web designer want to see samples and such. What is highly appealing to Young Adult Women may not be appealing at all to Adult Men. Likewise, there are many things that go into determining an audience or niche specific content.

Make Device-Specific Content

Its one thing to create a responsive or adaptive web design that adapts to the size of every screen – that’s rather a minimum in the era of digital marketing that we live in today. But if you want to take things to the next level, you want to create content for smart phones and tabs that makes your website look like a mobile site. Facebook and Domino's are prime examples of business that have leveraged their revenues through their user friendly mobile websites.

Never forget: People’s Needs and Interests change

One of the oldest and worst mistake digital marketers make is not adhering to the most recent developments of the industry or domain they are carting to or following the same ‘success formula’ they’ve been using for every industry and/or since the beginning of time. People are constantly dealing with new sets of problems, using new products and their needs in interests keep changing. You’ve got to keep yourself posted on the latest and greatest developments in the niche, demographic or industry you want to cater to.

Personalized content increases audience engagement dramatically. If you need expert writers to fill your blog pages with quality pages, give us a call!


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